Convenient and economic
Bio Bic offers its products through a direct sales system to enable its customers to obtain fair prices for high quality products. Customers place their orders online and everything is home-delivered within 48-72 hours directly from our processing plant in Matane.
Bic Bio products are frozen vacuum packed at the factory to allow their conservation and protect their quality. This is also what makes their practical use to the needs of our customers.
How to order?
  1. Browse through the online store When you see a product you want to order, simply click the add to my order included on the product detail. The product is automatically added to your cart. If you want to remove or change the quantity on order, you can do so by clicking your basket at the top right and a window containing all the details of your basket will appear, you only have to change the items and quantities products directly.

2. To continue shopping, click on continue shopping.
To finalize your order simply click on the button to finalize your order.
  3. If you are already registered, enter your credentials if you are not already connected.
  4. If you are not registered, you can choose to register by clicking on register.
  5. Or make your purchase and register at the same time.
after clicking the button you ORDER will be directed to the registration form.
  Submit the form by clicking on the red button SAVE.
  6. Then follow the steps from top to bottom, in reviewing your products, quantities, discount code and then selecting the desired delivery. See the FAQ page and DELIVERY for details.
  * Important Note
  Delivery is 24 to 72 hours after your order and receipt of your payment.
  7. You will receive a confirmation of your order and payment by email at the time of acceptance of your order.
Choose your payment method: credit card.
  Payments: Follow the instructions and check your confirmation email. All steps will be confirmed by email.
  At any time, as long as your payment is confirmed, you can return the products to continue shopping: you can just click the red CONTINUE MY SHOPPING bottom left of your screen,
8. When you have completed your purchases, you will be redirected to the confirmation screen, if you forgot to specify a detail or have a question, you can always send us a message on this screen via the ADD field MESSAGE. See example below. Confirm the message by clicking on the red button SEND.

  9. To view your order history and validate your information in your file, click on my account (footer bottom left anywhere on the website) Once connected, you can view and change the details desired.
All your orders are stored in the history of your orders, you can always repeat a command that you enjoyed. To do so, go to HISTORY OF YOUR ORDERS, DETAILS clicking to the right of the screen
you can review the items in your order and whether the order to recommend
click the arrow wound green to the right of DETAILS.

For any assistance or application, see our Frequently Asked Questions or our Customer Service section located at the bottom of page to the right. Our customer service is available via our online chat is available Monday to Friday from 9:30 to 16:30 except holidays.