Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is biobic?

A Company certified organic by Ecocert Canada, bringing together under one online store meats from the best producers of certified organic meat in Quebec.

Processed products are also from a local tradition and enhance the skills of its food and agricultural region. Bio Bic offers a full range of meat cuts and high quality.
Bic Bio specialties are aged meats and sausages and gluten free cold meats.  See About Us for more information.

2. Why organic products are more expensive?
We try to keep our prices as low as possible and direct sales we can.

Organic in general is more expensive because it is more expensive to the farmer time, physical resources and agricultural practices.
For organic farms, it all starts in the pasture that must also be certified organic. Organic and natural means are used against insect pests and weeds. This is a much more intensive remove thistles by hand rather than spraying their fields with pesticides or herbicides. Pull or dig up weeds by hand not only protects other plants, animals, organisms, soil and water. Foraging insects are also not threatened and can ensure the survival of plants and vegetables in the fields.

3. How is my order delivered?

Orders are sent by secure parcel isotherm. The delivery package is offered across the province*. This option is available for guests wishing to be delivered as quickly as possible to standard shipping $ 5.95. Delivery charges are added to the order depending on the options chosen by the customer. Delivery of orders is done from the warehouse of BioBic in Matane. Bio bic uses the services of Loomis. It is important to provide the delivery option on the folder (see point 6.) And in the order or if there is no response at the time of delivery.

* Except see the delivery page

4. Shipping and taxes

The only fees charged in our shop are the taxes applicable to shipping charges.

5. Where do you deliver?

* All parts of Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswisk

* Except see the delivery page

6. Should I be there for delivery ?

It is preferable that you are on site during the delivery of your package. if you can not attend, tell us another option or shipping address in your application and / or your order. You can also leave a note to the driver if you put a cooler on your door to get your order in case of absence. You can always choose the express delivery OPTION (Saturday or day fixed by you) to $ 12.95 plus tax if you absolutely can not be delivered on weekdays.

7. What happens in a stock?

Product display SEE the product (out of stock) you will see the card, but you can not add it to your cart.

8. delivery problems

You can track your package in your folder on your invoice details. A no package will be displayed. if a problem occurred during the delivery, you can use the contact form to contact us by email or by phone Monday through Friday from 9:30 to 16:30 at 1-855-562-0476. See Customer Service.

9. What do I know about payment methods to ensure timely delivery?

We accept different payment methods. The delivery time depends entirely on the availability of products, process transfer bottom-line and road conditions for the parcel service.

We offer payment via PayPal, bank transfer or credit card and we will ship your items once we have validated that all products of your order are available. Payment methods other than credit cards may be accepted under certain circumstances, but only by phone orders.

10. What is the warranty policy?

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase please refer to the warranty page for details.

Questions concerning shipping rates and charges should be directed to Customer Service by chat or by email at:

11. Where can I find your products?

Our sausages are available in natural food stores in Quebec. If you give your area we can show you the stores nearest you. For now our meats are available in fish Matane only.
All our products are available online. They are shipped directly to your door frozen vacuum insulated in a package! You can use our website to place your order. We use online sales because distribute our products through traditional channels does not allow us to support the work of our organic producers. Direct sales can be fair to all customers, butcher and producers.